As an active environmental partner (UmweltPartner), we create a connection between ecology and economy. In order to consciously create an atmosphere, we voluntarily do more for environmental and climate protection than the law prescribes. Together with the sponsors of the initiative—the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Hamburg Chamber of Trade, IVH Industrieverband Hamburg e. V. and Unternehmensverband Hafen Hamburg e. V.—we, as a company implement new environmental protection measures.

In addition to our ecological and climate-neutral contribution to the sustainable production of in-house advertising material via www.dieumweltdruckerei.de , our voluntary environmental protection efforts include: energy efficiency in the context of lighting refurbishment as well as resource conservation within sustainable operations management.

We aim to make a considerable contribution to global climate protection and environmental protection in Hamburg and to maintain and improve the quality of life in Hamburg. This also benefits the economy. Our membership is a public commitment to voluntary environmental and climate protection in Hamburg.

New topics, more visibility—Eco-Partnership Hamburg’s ambitious goals
By extending the Eco-Partnership for another five years, supporters have set themselves an ambitious goal: In the next five years, the number of members in the Eco-Partnership should be almost doubled. “Over the past 15 years, we have gained about 1,100 environmental partner companies that make more than 3,000 voluntary environmental contributions. By 2023, the network is expected to grow to up to 2,000 partners. This should also double the contributions to environmental protection and sustainability,” says Kerstin Neitzel, who is responsible for the Eco-Partnership at BUE. At the same time, these companies are doing something for their own future viability: By investing in environmentally friendly technology, and energy and resource efficiency, operating costs are often significantly reduced.