Climate Mobile

My first encounter with an electric car, which could be purchased new on the market, was in 2009. Those were still times when we smiled at these perceived exotics, because an electric engine was then limited to small vehicles in amusement parks, forklifts, etc.. Now a car on the road and battery-powered? Rather unlikely. Then in 2011, the first hydrogen-powered public bus crossed my way.

Well, I thought, once again a field for experimentation. Sometimes you have to admit mistakes to yourself, and today I see it differently. At the time, I thought that alternative drives would only be something for the future from 2050 onwards. I will never experience that, were my thoughts in 2009. Now we have arrived in 2021. I have seen that it is very worthwhile to talk about and use alternative transportation. Alternative transportation is socially acceptable and there are subsidies for it from the federal and state governments. We ourselves already use an e-vehicle at Klima-Kontor – our Anton – for business trips. When it comes to car sharing, we try to use electric cars exclusively. We also have an e-bike – so let’s bring everything together. We practice this on a larger scale by thinking about new alternative and economical transportation concepts for communities and companies.

So please spread the word. Oh, Anton just came by, with our Klima-Kontor dog in the front, our little mascot Irmi – time for a climate-mobile.

Climate-neutral mobility concepts


  • Mobility analysis regarding employee and transportation paths - also communal
  • Compilation of the energy-consumer and cost structure
  • Collection, evaluation and analysis of the data
  • Preparation of the report and presentation of the results
  • Support in the implementation of the actions and in the preparation of the funding applications


  • Usage of reliable mobility and traffic concepts
  • Targeted implementation of tax advantages
  • Claim funding at the federal and/or state level
  • Utilize innovative carbon-neutral delivery and transportation concepts
  • Create strong CO2 reduction / achieve tax relief


  • Coupling energy and mobility strategy
  • Increasing the common good and eco-balance
  • Creation of higher cost efficiency
  • Climate-neutral mobility concepts
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